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About Us

Crazy Tamales was born out of founders Flor, Jessica, and Michael who share their love for food and culture. They worked at a few Mexican restaurants over the years and know that there are more amazing Mexican dishes than just 'tacos.' Flor and Jessica would bring to work their homemade Guerrero-style tamales that everyone would absolutely love. The recipes were passed down from generations before. What are tamales?  It is a traditional holiday Mexican dish, corn masa is filled with various ingredients and wrapped in either corn husks or plantain leaves. Roots of the tamale are traced back to 5000 BC and were used to feed moving armies and populations. Also in ancient times tamales were regarded as FOOD OF THE GODS! Today they are made during family gatherings because it is labor intensive. 

Struggling to find anyone selling fresh Tamales in North Carolina besides the frozen ones you find at the grocery store, the three came up with the idea to making traditional handmade Tamales themselves for our community to enjoy. Flor and Jessica would create the traditional style tamales and Michael creating flavors that are unique and "crazy"- and another reason why Michael received the nickname "loco" from the ladies because his combined flavors always turned out surprisingly delicious which inspired the name Crazy Tamales. Together they created the company which combines traditional Mexican flavors with a hint of craziness.